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Traditional Polishes rely on larger grit particles to remove major defects, leaving behind marks from the polishing itself.

This they overcome by either adding fillers or by requiring a second or even third step of finer grit polish to remove the marks from the previous steps. We did not like either of these approaches.

In our testing we found that by making the particles diamond hard we could achieve high cutting power with a very fine particle size, allowing us to have a high cut compound and polish in one that did not leave holograms or swirl marks, even with a rotary! It also increased the work time, allowing you to polish for longer, and resulted in a very high gloss shine on nearly all paint surfaces, capable of removing up to 2,000 grit to a new level of shine. If defects are deeper than that you are better to sand to 2,00 grit, then one step polish with Rockcar Mirror shine and the RockCar pad matched for the paints hardness.

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Match your pad to the paint, not the polish

All these complicated 2 and 3 step systems are unnecessary if you understand paint. German clearcoat is really hard, Asian clearcoats are much softer. You need a different approach for each, and this is where the pad comes in. The same diamond hard ultra fine polish of Mirror Shine will work well on all paints if matched with the right pad. So we engineered our pads to work with that for each surface. Don't use the Euro Pads on a Japanese Car, it's overkill. Don't use the Asian Pad on a BMW it will be ineffective. Pads make up to 30% difference to the effectiveness of your polishing. Use the right pad for the paint and you will get better results, faster and easier.

New 100% Ceramic Free Coating

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The biggest Problem with most polishing machines is heat

Polishing creates friction and friction creates heat.  This heat can damage the paint surface, polishing pads, the backing plates and the motor.  This RockCar polisher has 125 cooling vents and holes throughout the machine including the backing plate, with a large integrated internal cooling fan to force air flow through the machine to keep things cool and large cooling tunnels inside the machine cavity engineered to maximize air flow and cooling for better results and longer durability.

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